What Are You Doing In Egypt by Drew Cornick

by 20. February 2011 02:37


Drew Cornick in Tahrir Square Covering the Revolution here in Egypt

So one of the most frequent questions that I am getting now is, “What are you doing in Egypt?” It’s actually quite a simple answer. I, Drew Cornick have been on the front lines of many social uprisings and protests in the United States revolving around social issues and injustice. Wanting to Broaden my horizons a bit, and get a little wind under my wings, I thought, what a better way to do that than to cover the Revolution here in Egypt. This is entire adventure is a way for me to not only see the world in a different light, but also to help expose and drive home information to people who would not necessarily seek out these question.

“But don’t you feel scared or unsafe?” The truth of the matter is, I feel safer here in Cairo than I do in Los Angeles. Since I have been here, I have been able to surround myself with a very enlightened group of people who are not only very well educated, are also very passionate about the world, and especially the Revolution here in Egypt. These people have welcomed me into their homes and lives, and taught me so much about what truly is going on here in Cairo.

I have only been hassled one time, by only one guy in his early 20′s on the night Mubarak resigned. Strangely enough he was a protest supporter but, apparently he had a bit of nationalist sentiment. However, when he had confronted me, in Arabic, nearly 10 other protesters surrounded him and told him to piss off, and escorted me away saying, “Everything is going to be alright, and Thank you for being here, and welcome to Egypt.” It was truly remarkable, that complete strangers came to my rescue. Apart from that guy, I have been welcomed with open arms and open hearts. One protester was so delighted that I took his photo, he gave me his scarf as a gesture of appreciation. More recently I was given a flower as a token of appreciation for being here to cover and photograph the Revolution.

Quite frequently too I am asked about the subjects and the composition of my photographs. And as I said to theWrinkled Weasel Blog

“When I pull out my camera to shoot, I try to look for not only visually stunning shots, but shots that are really going to move people. I have started shooting, what I call the “Faces of the Egyptian Revolution,” which is a collection of close up shots of individuals who have partaken in the revolution. However, anything that shows life in a different perspective that the typical life of most people in the metropolitan western world, such as tanks and armed soldiers lining the streets, and impoverished protesters, who have nothing to lose and have been out in Tahrir since the beginning. Ultimately, anything that is going invoke some kind of emotional response to the photo.


Join the official facebook page for "Mystic Voices: The Story of the Peqout War"

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Join the Emmy Award winning documentary Mystic Voices Story of the Pequot War on facebook 

Narrated by Roy Scheider



Mystic Voices:

The Story of

the Pequot War

Written, Directed, and Produced By Guy Perrotta and Charles Clemmons

 (2004) (TV) More at IMDbPro »

Spring 1634: Unidentified Indians kill John Stone, a scurrilous Englishman and pirate. The English blame the Pequots and for two years Colonial-Pequot tensions remain high. 1636: Block Island Indians kill John Oldham. The English send an expedition to punish the Block Islanders and to demand John Stone's killers from the Pequots. Talks with the Pequots break down and violence erupts. The Pequots attack English settlements, and the English declare war on the Pequots -- the first declared war in America. 1637: English Puritans, with Mohegan and Narragansett allies, burn a Pequot village at Missituck (Mystic), massacring 400-700 men, women, and children. The English pursue the remaining Pequots until most are either killed or enslaved. Pequots are forbidden to use their tribal name and are subjugated to other Native Tribes allied with the English. With the help of sympathetic English leaders, they eventually are able to reestablish their own communities, which become the first Indian reservations in America.

Solita Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, December 23rd, 2010

by 20. December 2010 22:17

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An Interview with Guitar God Jennifer Batten

by 15. December 2010 04:30

An Interview with Guitar God Jennifer Batten

By Christopher Annino 


Jennifer Batten is nothing short of an astonishing musical virtuosi when it comes to the guitar. She has worked with numerous mega stars such as Michael Jackson, and Jeff Beck.  In 1979 she attended The Guitar Institute of Technology. She got her first big gig on Michael Jackson's "Bad" tour. From then on her career rocketed into stardom, playing sold out crowds around the world. During her career she has managed to master many different musical genera's and combine it to her guitar style. Her list of solo albums include "Whatever," "Jennifer Battens Tribal Rage-Momentum," "Above and Beyond." www.jenniferbatten.com


 Q: How did you develop your skill?

A: "I took lessons from the  of age 8. I graduated from the Guitar Institute of technology which kicked me up to a much higher level of musicianship. I learned tapping from a classmate there, and then went off on my own experimenting with it"


Q: Where does your passion and inspiration come from?

A: "I find inspiration everywhere. Sometimes it comes from other music, a movie, book, or an inspiring personality."


Q: What was the biggest show you ever played and how did it feel? 

A: "120,000 in Liverpool UK if you don’t count the Superbowlwhich aired to 1.5 billion. They both felt great but especially the Superbowl because it was the biggest audience in television history. It was a very unique once in a lifetime experience."


Q: What was the greatest show you ever did?

A: "There were a few with Jeff Beck that felt special. One was in Sardinia Italy. It just felt magical."


Q: What was it like working with such artists as Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck?

A: "With Michael it was a paid vacation and a fun way to see the world. With Jeff it was a lot deeper for me musically. I learned volumes about creativity from him."


Q: What is your view on the evolution of women in the music industry?

A: "The evolution has been too slow for my liking. There are many women out there playing but only a handful that have taken music to a groundbreaking level.--like Tal Wilkenfeld, and Teresa Russel."


Q: What type of style would you consider you play?

A: "I just call it Guitronics for lack of a better name.  I’m getting deeper into modern effects and textures."


Q: Are you working on any new projects?

A "I’ve always got something in the works with either film or guitar. I’ve written a few acoustic pieces recently."


Q: Who is your greatest influence?

A: "Jeff Beck, and Joe Diorio, but most of all my father"


Q: What is some of the best advice that you have gained over the years? 

A: "To pursue your own voice and explore creativity."





Rookie Monster Truck Sensation Jeremy Slifko Truly Represents his sport By Christopher Annino

by 15. December 2010 00:34


Rookie Monster truck sensation Jeremy Slifko truly represents his Sport


By Christopher Annino

When he was just a young boy at the age of five years old Jeremy Slifko grew up working on trucks with his dad. At a young age he and his father Andy Slifko worked on building the new Earadicator Monster Truck http://www.eradicator4x4.com/   which his father drives. His whole life Jeremy enjoyed working on his dad’s monster truck which eventually earned him the title of crew chief for his dad’s team. He also works as a mechanic for Andys Auto and tuck repair in Pottsville, PA.  “I never was looking to drive basically when I turned 18 they told me to just get in and do it. Some of the drivers such as Chris Bergeron, Jim Koehler, and Adam Anderson really wanted me to pursue it” Jeremy later added “The first official show I ever drove in was in Naples, Florida. One of the drivers’s canceled and my dad told me he needed a driver so I did just that. I had tested the show before so I was a bit nervous when I was asked to do this.”     

             His father saw potential in his son and so did the other drivers on the circuit both Jeremy and his father Andy began to customize and create a monster truck that would fit Jeremy’s needs. Jeremy wanted a meaningful theme for his truck so he decided to ask Rick Disharoon the original driver of Back Draft if he could use the name and theme. Rick agreed and from then on Jeremy quickly went to work on his new truck by customizing a fire and rescue theme to it. “Everything on that truck has a meaning on it. I made sure the number 343 was on the top of my truck as a reminder of the number of  fire and rescue members that passed away 9/11/01. I have a special tribute on the back for the twin towers” Jeremy also added “Although I am not a fire fighter; my inspiration comes from many of the emergency workers, and fire fighters. I want them to know that every time I am out there I am driving for them. They are true heroes”. 

(custom work done courteously of Competitive Signs )http://www.signsbyjc.com/ 

With tremendous drive and a will to win Jeremy won Rookie of the year award this year at the 2010 monster truck awards ceremony in Kentucky. “I didn’t even go to the ceremony because I was working on both of the trucks. I got the call at like 3am and I could not believe it. I didn’t sleep for 3 days I didn’t even think I was that good to receive such an honor. I am very thankful for having this sport in my life. We are all like a family in the monster truck world. The fans, the drivers and My sponsors FK Rod Ends, K and N Air Filters, Butler Built Seat Systems, Air Gas, Alto USA,  Summit Racing Equipment, Dubosky’s Auto Electric Service, Bedrug, J and B Motor Sports, Whelen Lights, Pats Performance Converters, AllMonster.com have really supported my dream.”

When asked what his plans for the future are Jeremy said “ Well at the moment we are waiting for this years scheadual. This year I am aiming to go to the world finals in Las Vegas. As for long term plans we are getting my brother ready for driving the Eradicator truck so it will be passed to him when my dad retires" when asked if he was going to duplicate the truck or have any drivers drive the Back Draft truck Jeremy said "For the Back Draft truck there will only be one of them and I will be the only one that will be driving it. This truck has my heart and soul poured into it. I am looking to see the fans again this year and I cant wait for the 2011 season” Check out Jeremy Slifko Check and is truck at http://www.backdraftmt.com/



The Best of Back Draft Monster truck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRyL8rUxEos  









Back Draft Monster Truck Driver Rookie Sensation Jeremy Slifko with some of his fans



Backdraft Monster Truck

Mohegan Sun World Base Ball Coaches Convention

by 14. December 2010 00:03



Nomar Garciaparra 

to Present at 

World Baseball Coaches' Convention

Mohegan Sun Convention Center:  

January 20 - 22, 2011

Register Today & Reserve Your Spot!


The Mohegan Sun World Baseball Coaches' Convention is excited to

announce that Red Sox All-Star Shortstop & ESPN Baseball Analyst 

Nomar Garciaparra will present at this year's event -- 

January 20 - 22 -- at the spectacular Mohegan Sun

Convention Center in Uncasville, Connecticut.  

Garciaparra will present on "His Approach to Hitting"

and participate in ourFriday Night "Talking Baseball" program. 

Nomar was a six-time All-Star, a two-time hitting champion and a 

Red Sox fan favorite.  During his nine-year career in a Red Sox uniform,

he batted .323 and finished his career with a .313 batting lifetime

batting average.

 Garciaparra joins an incredible list of presenters,

including:  World Series Champion Pitcher Al Leiter; 

ESPN Analyst & past Mets Manager Bobby Valentine;

 New York Yankees Hitting Coach 

Kevin Long; Tampa Bay Rays Hitting Coach Derek Shelton;

World Series Champion San Francisco Giants Bench

Coach Ron Wotus; Milwaukee Brewers Pitching CoachRick Peterson

St. Louis Cardinals Pitching Coordinator Brent Strom;

Rightview Pro Founder and formerDetroit Tigers Hitting Coach Don Slaught;

Quality At Bats Founder

& Performance Coach Steve Springer;Dana Cavalea -

New York Yankees Strength & Conditioning Coach; Wake Forest 

Pitching Coach Dennis Healy

 UConn's Jim Penders; Maine's Steve Trimper; and, Jaeger

Sports founder

 & Arm Health, Strength & Conditioning Program expert Alan Jaeger...and

the list goes on.


REGISTER TODAY at www.BaseballCoachesClinic.com and join us on

January 20 - 22. We have three great days of coaching

instruction scheduled 

featuring some of baseball's top clinicians and experts. 

Don't miss the opportunity 

yo learn more about the game you love and become a better coach.


Get all the latest clinc updates, become a Facebook fan of the

World Baseball Coaches' Convention at 


We strongly encourage you to forward this email to your

oaching staff and fellow coaching colleagues.  Thank you.

Keeping Hope Alive By Greachen Crass

by 10. December 2010 18:44

Keeping Hope Alive By Greachen Crass

Stay Focused, Train Hard & Eat Smart :)
Gretchen Crass
NPC National Level Competitor
NPC Judge
Helping you to achieve your fitness goals
GST Fitness & Wellness
Skin Care Consultant For Motion Medica, Skin Care for the Fitness Activist
"Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
Napoleon Hill


"Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When you don't know what harbor you're aiming for, no wind is the right wind."


It's FAITHFUL FRIDAY!  I am sure you all have hopes, dreams and goals right?  Have you taken the time to write down your goals, both short term and long term?  Once written down, you have them to look at all the time.  It will help you stay on track in achieving them as well.  Now, you must formulate a plan to achieve them.  Time management is crucial when achieving things and pressing forward to be the best that you can be.  You don't want to be like chickens, flopping around on the ground endlessly, not making gains.  If you don't know where to start, or if you are feeling lost, ask your FATHER for guidance.  For HIS word is the lamp to your feet and a light to your path.  Remember, GOD is with you always and HE will not forsake you.  HE wants us you to turn to HIM.  HE'S actually waiting for you right now!  HE waits for all creatures big and small!  HE will provide you wind to help you sail where HE wants you to be!  Take a look who called upon HIM as well.
 Here is a heart warming photo from the news in Sana Catarina, Brasil.

Nativity Scene was erected in a church yard. 
During the night the folks came across this scene.
An abandoned dog was looking for a comfortable, protected place to sleep. He chose baby Jesus as his comfort. No one had the heart to send  him away so he was there all night. 



We should all have the good sense of this dog and curl up in Jesus' lap from time to time.

This is too sweet not to share.
No one mentioned that the
dog breed is a

"in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." Colossians 2:3 

"God is our refuge and strength, 
   an ever-present help in trouble. 
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
   and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,
He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; 
   I will be exalted among the nations, 
   I will be exalted in the earth.” 
Psalm 46:1-2, 10

Prayer Requests

Please keep Lela Beckman, the Besantakos, Jim Bewley, Biava Family, Carrie Bickel, Branch, John Butler, Davies, Inez Ernst, Dunn Family, John Frank, Margaret Gore, Griffith Family, Erin Haberman, Hansen, Harris, Howes Family, Hursey, K9Frado, Lacorte, Lozado, Tricia Lynch, Kate & Carl McDonald, Eileen McKechine, Lenda Murray, Olsen, Craig, Lena, & Liam Ostergren, Stephanie Phelps, Potts, Ricker, Roop Family, Stancliff, Janet Young, and their families in your prayers.

As always, if there is someone you would like to have added to the Prayer List, please email me :)


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The Secret to Youth an interview with Figure Champion Christine Lanois By Christopher Annino

by 4. December 2010 00:27

World class figure competitor Christine Lanois didn’t always have it easy; she grew up in an abusive household in Quebec, Canada.  Her parents neglected her and her sibling by not paying attention to their needs therefore her dream of becoming a gymnast was shattered at an early age. But Christine was always determined to pursue health and fitness. As a young child she always managed to compete in other sports and win athletic awards “it helped to boost my confidence with winning the awards” Christine later added “growing up my siblings and I didn’t have any structure. During high school it was a struggle I was not able to be a gymnast so I rebelled by skipping classes, and partying.”

In her mid 20’s Christine realized she had to change her life style. While still pursuing fitness she took it to the next level and began to compete nationally in the lightweight division as a body builder. During her career she came to the realization that perhaps she wasn’t cut out for body building so she switched to figure competition. “When I was pursuing body building I was muscular but very feminine, and in order to compete at the national level muscularity and size is a must. For me figure was a better fit because I could still be feminine and athletic” said Lanois. The following are a few of the championships Christine placed as a figure and fitness competitor: 2006 OPA Province Nationals- Placing-1, 2007 CBBF World Natural Qualifier placing 3, 2006 CBBF Fitness Figure Nationals Placing-4, 2005 CBBF OPA Body Building Championships Placing-1, 2005 WNSO-Fitness Model Placing-6, 2005 CBBF OPA Missauga South Centrals Placing-1 and at the age of 45 she placed in the top ten at the 2009 Arnold Classic.

“What inspired me about bodybuilding is the art of it. When I got interested in competition women like Cory Everson were prime examples of athleticism and what the art of body building is supposed to be about. To me anyone who competes in Body Building, Figure, fitness are artists in the way that we sculpt our bodies, and Cory was in my mind one of the best if not the best” said Lanois.

Despite her past Christine never gave up and as a result she has a wonderful career as a Registered Nurse and Wellness Consultant. She also has managed to raise a family “My inspiration is through my child. He has given me more of an outlook on life than anyone. I don’t compete for trophies I compete for myself, but I don’t make it my prime focus. When you get older you take things more in perspective. For me it’s what can I do to make a difference and I would rather volunteer my time to help others in need. I will be turning 50 very shortly and I hope what I can at least inspire individuals to peruse exercise and to take care of their minds. So many people think that if you take a pill your troubles will go away that is not always the case. You shouldn’t punish yourself and not have cheese cake. Have everything in moderation people ask me all the time what my secret is and I tell them I treat myself well both mentally and physically. I maintain a balance” said Lanois.  Recently Christine has been training for a half marathon and she has been voted as Amateur Fitness Competitor of the week who is over 40 on www.bodybuilder.com


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MICKY’s GLOVE by Roger Zotti

by 29. November 2010 07:24


By Roger Zotti

Yes, it was a silent auction and I couldn’t resist bidding on Micky Ward’s autographed boxing glove. Yes, three days later the glove was mine. Don’t fret: I’ll tie all this together later, but first let’s look back to October 30, 2010, the night Micky’s glove was up for bid.

The place: Mohegan Sun Casino. The event: The 6th annual CT Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Before over 500 hundred people Troy Wortham, Joe Tessitore, Desi Clark, Sean Malone, Bob Steele, D. Mac Buckley, and Micky Ward were this year’s inductees.

The only non-Connecticut inductee, Ward’s connection to Connecticut took place on May 12, 2002, when he and Arturo Gatti fought at Mohegan Sun Arena. Ring Magazine called it the Fight of the Year.

 I’ve attended the Induction Ceremony four times and it’s always exciting seeing up close many fighters I recall watching—while growing up in New Haven—on the Friday and Wednesday Night Fights. Of course, back then the fights were televised in black and white, on a twelve inch screen. Gillette Blue Blades sponsored the Friday bouts; Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, the Wednesday battles.

One of those fighters, the great and affable Gaspar Ortega, 75, was at the Ceremony. Looking in top condition, he told us, “I weigh the same now as when I was fighting. When I was in training I never ate much—and I still don’t eat much today.”

Inducted into the CT Boxing Hall of Fame in 2006, Gaspar holds the distinction of fighting more times on national television than any other professional prizefighter. Also, he fought the best fighters of his time—like Carmen Basilio, Emile Griffith, and Nino Benvenutti—and retired with a record of 131-39-6, with 69 knockouts.

Born in Mexico, Gaspar fought twenty-three fights there before coming to America and eventually settling in New Haven.

Speaking of New Haven brought to mind 2009’s Induction Ceremony and Elm City lightweight Julie Kogon’s induction. Kogon, whose boxing career began in 1937, retired in 1950. He compiled an impressive 81-38-18 record (38 knockouts), fought several world champions, and at one time was ranked tenth in the world by Ring Magazine.

That night Stu Rosen, originally from New Haven and now living in South Windsor, spoke and then presented the induction plaque to Kogon’s nephew Mel Zeidenberg.

One of Stu’s fondest memories was when his father, close friends with Kogon, took him to see the fighter in action at the New Haven Arena. “Julie was in white trunks trimmed in black,” Stu recalled. “His opponent, Henry Schlizzi, was in black trunks, trimmed in white. I remember the boxers exchanging punches, no knockdowns, and a constant loud voice coming from a nearby Schlizzi fan: ‘Schdink. Schdink. Schdink.’ I suppose that means jab, jab, jab.”

Kogon lost the decision (though a short time later he decisioned Schlizzi in their rematch). He and his father, Stu continued, “were the only ones to walk [Julie] back to his dressing room. I think I felt more badly about his loss than he did.”

Both Stu and I lived on Norton Street in New Haven and Kogon owned a luncheonette—Kogon’s Korner—located a block away on Whalley Avenue. The day after the Schlizzi fight, Stu visited Kogon at the luncheonette. “I couldn’t believe it,” Stu said. “Julie’s face looked like someone had taken sandpaper to it. It hit me that boxers can be so beat up.”

Back to Micky Ward’s autographed boxing glove—which is mine, readers, all mine. And don’t ask me how much it cost. Sure, I’ll tell you but it’d be a juicy lie.  This much is true, though: It’s prominently displayed in the Zotti household in Preston and well worth what I paid for it.


Gasper Ortega



 Micky Ward


Julie Kogan

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School House Rock A Interview With Sunbie Harrell guitarist from "The Orchids"

by 23. November 2010 04:05

School House Rock A Interview with Former Orchid Guitarist Sunbie Harrell

By Christopher Annino


Sunbie Harell (Sunbie Sinn) has held many job titles in her life. One of her titles that she is most known for is being the former guitarist for all female Rock Band “The Orchids." She eventually met with Laurie McAllister the finale bassist for all female rock group “The Runaways”and together they helped form “The Orchids”. The Orchids were to be a more mature version of “The Runaways” they signed with MCA Records under the management of Kim Fowley.  The band members included Laurie Bell drums, Jan King on vocals, Laurie McAllister on bass, Sunbie Sinn guitar, Sandy Fury guitar, and Che Zuro guitar. While touring with the band Sunbie made sure she finished high school and eventually furthered her studies at Cal State University, Fullerton. There she studied English and Philosophy, after college she decided to become a teacher. Currently she is a High School English teacher at Anaheim High school, she was also the campaign manager for former backup vocalist for the “Red hot Chili Peppers” Vicki Calhoun who ran for the superintendent of her school district.


 Q: How do you feel about the way the school systems are structured today?

A: “Education is treated pretty poorly in our nation; we no longer are in the top ten in the world. It is partly due to the socio economic war that the schools have to deal with in regards to lack of budget. Part of our schools success is because the parents in the local area get involved with their children and it acts as a strong foundation for the student. We have five colleges in our town you and have several blue ribbon schools. But our school system is dealing with another tragedy. More and more students are becoming homeless because their families are getting kicked out of their houses due to the economy. This puts a huge burden on the student because then it is a lot more difficult for the student to focus on his or her studies.”


 Q: Why is education important to you?

 A: “Even when I was playing rock and roll I have always made it a point to make my education come first. I always had a found interest in it and I was realistic about my career I love playing music but it is very difficult to make a living out of it. I was also tired of living the life style of a rock star.”


 Q: What interested you in playing guitar?

A: “Well originally I played piano but I enjoyed the style of the guitar. When I grew up there wasn’t many females that participated in Rock Bands. The female artists that influenced me were Patti Smith, Martha Davis and the motels, “The Runaways”, Suzi Quatro, and the first all female band “Fanny.” I also enjoyed the guitar because it was a way to filter creative energy.”


Q: How did “The Orchids” form?

A: “I met Laurie McAllister while going to school in Oregon. We were both running around playing in bands “The Runaways” had just disbanded. We did a few recordings they weren’t grade A material but it was fun. Laurie was living in Hollywood at the time she received a phone call from Kim Fowley “The Runaways” former manger. Laurie met up with Kim and he wanted to do another version of “The Runaways” but wanted to work with girls who were a bit older. So Laurie called me up and I went down. Kim liked me because I looked a bit like Joan Jett and they got Cindy Collins who was are original vocalist who looked a lot like Cherie Currie. It was like a regular job we had rehearsal every day, and song writing sessions. In some degree we had to deal with the same negative “The Runaways” had to deal with. Kim put us on what is called the toilet tour to toughen us up. There was one place that was so bad that I think Laurie actually called the cops on our own gig. It toughened us up though. It was a good ride, but Kim is sometimes difficult to work with he has high energy, he doesn’t mind breaking you mentally. I didn’t let it get to me. The film “The Runaways” didn’t do it justice he is more intense than that, working with Kim was like dealing with a three ring circus.”


Q: What is your favorite song that you performed with “The Orchids”?

A: “I liked blame it all on the night”, and "The daughters of Babylon” I enjoyed working with our second lead vocalist Jan King. I liked Jan’s singing and felt that we connected very well.”

Q: Do you think “The Orchids” will ever have a reunion concert?
A: It would be great but I don’t see it happening in the near future we all live in various places in the country.”

Q: Who are your biggest musical influences?

A: “ The Rolling stones,” The Beatles”, “Led Zeppelin”, “Sex Pistols”, “David Bowie”, music is always changing for me today I am more into world music Gogol Bordello, any different ethnic music.”


Q: Who are your biggest political influences?  
A:” Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez”



 Sunbie Harell (Sunbie Sinn) during her time with "The Orchids"

Right to left Nancy Pelosi and Sunbie Harrell



The Orchids 


The Projector Newspaper's information and bio page



 "The Projector Newspaper"


The Projector Newspaper provides a service for individuals and subject matters in society who dont always get the lime light that they deserve. The Projector Newspaper was created by Bruce Tetlow owner of ABC Photo Lab, and Journalist Christopher Annino. This is an online publication that will soon provide audio and visual features. We hope as a company to make a bit of a difference in a persons life by telling their story. Modern media began with inventor Ben Franklin perfecting print media. Even though it is not a physical newspaper we pay homage to Mr. Ben Franklin by giving it the title of a Newspaper.


The Projector Newspapers Creed

" Life is a giant film and everyone has a role. Therefore everyone deserves to have their story told"-Christopher Annino




Christopher Annino: Editor/Co-Publisher


  Christopher graduated Mitchell College Alpha Sigma Pi, and Phi Theta Kappa with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, and an associates in Liberal Arts. His journalism career began when he was at Fitch High School and grew during his college years when he became editor for his school news paper "The Beacon." From there he wrote and did photography for "The Day," "The Sun," "The Scope," "Sound Waves Magazine," and is now a free lance writer for "The Resident Newspaper" www.theresident.com. After graduating The Connecticut School of Broadcasting he had some brief gigs with 102.3 WXLM, and 98.7 WBLQ. He eventually co-founded and produced a local TV show called "Type Casting" with Non Profit organisation "The Lighthouse Voc Ed Center". The show was about individuals who have disability's and how they overcome them. Joan Jett, Stan Lee, Lego, and WFSB's Keven Hogan were some key names that assisted with the show's success. 



Bruce Tetlow: Co-Publisher/ Web Designer




Roger Zotti: Writer

Bio: A long time boxing, hockey, and movie fan, Roger Zotti was born in New Haven and currently lives in Preston.  The author of three self-published books, he taught junior high school in Norwich for seven years and adult education at the Montville Correctional Center for eighteen years and at the Radgowski Correctional Center for two years, before retiring in 1993. At present he’s a contributing reporter for The Resident Newspaper.

Arlene Wow: Writer 



Bio: www.arlenewow.com

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