An Interview With Guitar and Songwriting Genius Janet Robin

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An Interview with guitar and songwriting genius Janet Robin

By Christopher Annino



A well-rounded musician and songwriter Janet Robin has had a very vast career. At a young age she had the honor to have legendary metal guitarist Randy Rhoads teach her to play and master the art of the six-string guitar.  Armed with Rhoads’s knowledge and achieved skill she joined one of the first all female heavy metal bands “Precious Metal”. “Precious Metal” released several albums and wrote with Heart, Poison, and Cheap Trick. After Precious Metal split Janet joined Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham’s band and helped on his solo album “Out of The Cradle.” With Lindsey she managed to gain skills in other genres of music not just Heavy Metal or Rock but Folk, and country. With her determination, passion, and talent for playing music Janet has managed to record, write and tour with the following artists Meredith Brooks, Melissa Etheridge, Maia Sharp, Marcy Levy, Eric Clapton, Air Supply, Anne McCue, and Ann and Nancy Wilson. Janet has also had some solo success with such albums as “After The Flood,”” Days of Summer”, and her recent album produced by John Carter Cash “Everything Has Changed.”


Q: What was it like being in the all girl Rock Band Precious Metal?


A: “When we formed I was around 16 years old and back then the only all girl Rock bands were The Runaways, The Bangles, and The Go Go’s. But yes I was lucky because our lead singer Leslie Knauer had already had success with a band called “Promises” and she was amazing to work with. Prior to that I never played in an all girl rock band before I usually was playing in garage bands with guys. I had a great time playing with “Precious Metal” though. It happened very fast, I am sure it was very much like what “The Runaways” as a band experienced. We did have management problems it was also tough to categorize us we were a combination of Heavy Metal, and Glam Rock. It was also difficult because in those days the radio stations would say they couldn’t play too many female artist on the air, thankfully its not like that anymore.”


Q: What was it like being a female artist in a male dominated industry?


A: Nancy Wilson, and Ann Wilson of “Heart” really helped us. We actually co did the song “Trouble” with Nancy Wilson. In a way I guess you can say Ann and Nancy handed the torch to us. I think they respected us because we took are work serious. We really clicked with them and they clicked with us. I looked up to Nancy Wilson when I was younger. She kept her eye out for things for me throughout my career. When I worked with Lindsay Buckingham, Nancy was very happy for me and came to my shows.”




Q: How has your guitar style changed?


A: “It has come full circle started off on acoustic went to electric with Randy, with Lindsay I was able to marry finger picking as well as other styles to the base of my guitar skills.”


Q: What was it like to work with John Carter Cash?


A: “When you hear the name Cash you think of a country type of guy he really likes heavy metal and hard rock his favorite band is “Judas Priest”. I contacted him and told him I am doing this new record. I never thought he would answer me. He had listened to my material and he felt that we could do something. A lot of the songs were written when I did traveling in the Czech republic while visiting friends who have a band. I really enjoyed it out there. Working with John he makes you feel comfortable he really was able to bring the best out of my music. It was really powerful to work with him.”


Q: Would you ever consider having a reunion with “Precious Metal”  


A: “Yeah, I would totally do it. We were actually talking about possibly doing something. The only problem we run into is it takes a great deal to organize. I would love to get back together with the girls again though.”







Bret “The Hit man” Hart The Best there ever will be by Christopher Annino

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Every athletic genre has its own torchbearer that represents all that is great and pure about that sport. Basketball has Michael Jordan, modern baseball has  Cal Ripken Jr, Hockey has Wayne Gretskey and Pro Wrestling has Bret the Hit man Hart. When Wrestling hit its golden age in the 80’s or the Hulk Hogan Era the skill and athletic aspect of wrestling was watered down. Ridiculous theatrics, gimmicks, face paint, fancy costumes and the cheesy promos over shadowed the athleticism. Armed with a tremendous work ethic Bret Hart was one exception that stuck to the actual technical and athletic roots of wrestling “My goal was to sell wrestling and nothing else” said Hart.

Bret was one of twelve children in a family that is very much involved in the wrestling business. Bret’s father Stu Hart (WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2010) owned a wrestling promotion in Calgary Canada called “Stampede Wrestling” he also ran a wrestling school nicknamed “The Dungeon.” Stu would train pro or wanna be wrestlers in “The Dungeon" especially in the art of submission holds.  “I had a lot of respect for my father growing up. He was one of my idols and I always wanted to make him proud of my accomplishments” said Bret Hart.

In High School and College Bret was an accomplished amateur wrestler. Bret managed to win: The High school City Championships, Montreal Royal Collegiate Championships and was in consideration for the common wealth games. “What I am most proud of in regards to wrestling is when I won the High School championship in Calgary. When I showed my father my medal from the state championship I felt more of a connection with him. I think he saw a little bit of me in him” said Bret. Bret turned pro when he realized that there was no real future in Olympic Wrestling, and he joined his fathers organization. There he pefected and fine tuned his style competing against such legends as The Dynamite Kid, he also learned his famed sharpshooter move from Japanese wrestlers Mr. Hito and Mr. Sakurada. 

After leaving his fathers promotion Bret had much success in the WWE and later the WCW. During his time with WWE and WCW he was a five time WWE Heavy Weight Champion, a two time WWE Intercontinental Champion a two time WWE Tag team Champion (Jim the Anvil Neidhart), WCW World Champion , a four time United States Champion, a one time WCW tag team Champion, and was inducted in the WWE Hall of fame class of 2006. “A lot of my inspiration support during my career came from my father of course and the Funk family” said Bret Hart.

As much as Bret is Well respected in the wrestling industry by wrestlers and fans, he had to pay a tremendous price. The buisness that he loved so much turned its back on him. In a ten year span Bret Hart was forced to deal with the loss of his brother (WWE legend) Owen Hart, Stu Hart (father), Helen Hart (mother),  Davey Boy Smith (WWE star and brother in law), Dean Hart (Brother), Miss Elizebeth, Mr. Perfect Curt Henning (WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2007), Mike “Hawk” Hegstand (WWE Tag Team Champion).

When asked how he was able to survive such loss Bret said “I managed to try to find ways to creat the neggative energy and focus it into a possitive.”

During his busy scheadual with writing, performing, and wrestling Bret Hart has made some apperences on WWE. And is passing the torch to the next generation of Hart wrestlers “The Hart Dynasty,” who include Natalya Niedhart, David Hart Smith, and TJ Wilson. “I am very proud of each them they are very hard working and have such a passion for this industry” said Bret.

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The 22nd Annual Celebration of Life at The Old Mystic Art Cinemas

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Several weeks ago the Alliance For Living celebrated its 22nd annual fundraiser titled “In a Mans World”. The Alliance for Living is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people affected by HIV/AIDS in New London County. Alliance provides services that support the life needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS. Alliance is dedicated to education, prevention services and advocacy on behalf of those it serves. The event was a tremendous success with such performances by Steven Andrade as Cher, Tony Celestine as Tina Turner, Frank Moore as Prince, Holly Faris as Joan Rivers, as well as additional performances from Jadonna, Jazzmine, and a farewell performance by Stella.

“This year several of the individuals that we help with HIV/AIDS were evicted from their homes. If it weren’t for such individuals as Joe Courtney, Andrea Stillman and the members of our board of directors they would have been homeless. Over the years we have had a great deal of success with treating the illness, but the pandemic is still there. Recently we have lost 11 members of our small family from the deadly virus” said Executive Director at the Alliance for Living said Sandy Brindamour.

Connecticut is one of the top 10 states with people living with AIDS. Connecticut has a case rate of 21.1 per 100,000 compared to the U.S. rate of 15.2.

Jadonna owner of Antenna Salon in Norwich said “It is very important that we all have an understanding on this virus it is still a problem now. I think what Alliance for Living is doing is an amazing thing for individuals who suffer from this virus” Steven Andrade also added “I am very excited to be apart of this charity I have and had many friends to have suffered from this. One of the main problems is that the meds for the illness are far too expensive living has become a business.

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