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 "The Projector Newspaper"


The Projector Newspaper provides a service for individuals and subject matters in society who dont always get the lime light that they deserve. The Projector Newspaper was created by Bruce Tetlow owner of ABC Photo Lab, and Journalist Christopher Annino. This is an online publication that will soon provide audio and visual features. We hope as a company to make a bit of a difference in a persons life by telling their story. Modern media began with inventor Ben Franklin perfecting print media. Even though it is not a physical newspaper we pay homage to Mr. Ben Franklin by giving it the title of a Newspaper.


The Projector Newspapers Creed

" Life is a giant film and everyone has a role. Therefore everyone deserves to have their story told"-Christopher Annino




Christopher Annino: Editor/Co-Publisher


  Christopher graduated Mitchell College Alpha Sigma Pi, and Phi Theta Kappa with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, and an associates in Liberal Arts. His journalism career began when he was at Fitch High School and grew during his college years when he became editor for his school news paper "The Beacon." From there he wrote and did photography for "The Day," "The Sun," "The Scope," "Sound Waves Magazine," and is now a free lance writer for "The Resident Newspaper" After graduating The Connecticut School of Broadcasting he had some brief gigs with 102.3 WXLM, and 98.7 WBLQ. He eventually co-founded and produced a local TV show called "Type Casting" with Non Profit organisation "The Lighthouse Voc Ed Center". The show was about individuals who have disability's and how they overcome them. Joan Jett, Stan Lee, Lego, and WFSB's Keven Hogan were some key names that assisted with the show's success. 



Bruce Tetlow: Co-Publisher/ Web Designer




Roger Zotti: Writer

Bio: A long time boxing, hockey, and movie fan, Roger Zotti was born in New Haven and currently lives in Preston.  The author of three self-published books, he taught junior high school in Norwich for seven years and adult education at the Montville Correctional Center for eighteen years and at the Radgowski Correctional Center for two years, before retiring in 1993. At present he’s a contributing reporter for The Resident Newspaper.

Arlene Wow: Writer 




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